domingo, 23 de junio de 2013

GEO Super Angel brown and Nudy Purple/Violet review

Lately, I have been addicted with Geo contact lenses and I own 3 total so far. The first one is too old so I already throw it away but I still have 2 new ones, the Geo super Nudy Violet/Purple and Geo Angel brown. I have 2 Geo world series coming in few weeks and will also make reviews for that, I got the green and gray one.


Anyway, I will start a review with Geo Super Nudy Violet/Purple as shown on top. I got them from for about $35. They are very comfortable and big. The color is very nice too, although, it looks like blue-ish most of the time but you can still see the purple on it. The only down side on the color is that it doesn't really show in natural light or in person unless your outside in the sun. When taking pictures though, you can really see it and it does have a halo effect which I really like. It is 14.8 mm in dia. and it does make your eyes bigger and anime like. I really love these lenses and usually use them when I am going in a party or going out with friends. Over all I love these lenses and will might get all the series for Geo super Nudy.

Next are the Geo Angel in brown from too for also about $35 dollars. These I really like. I use them for school and whenever I feel it complements my eye. These lenses are also very big for a 14.8 dia. and the it has a very nice design that makes it look natural, except when there is a flash in the camera because it will really show the design for it. They are also very comfortable but only wear them for 6-8 hours because I get irritated if I wear them longer. Over all, these lenses are very good for daily use, I might not get any more series for Geo Angel because they are pretty dark with my very dark brown eye, I might get a lighter one next time, but these are still great.

Hope these help guys. If you have any question or suggestion please leave me a comment and I will hit you back as soon as possible.

Geo Super Angel Violet (XCM-211) Review

Purchased from: Geo Contact Lens Peru

These costed 35 dollars, and 5 dollar shipping, and I didnt get them until two weeks later because the site is stationed in Malaysia. These were my 2nd pair, so I was kind of ignorant that Americans sold circle lenses too! On to the review~

Promo Pic:

Enlargement: 100 /10 - My god. These lenses were huge, and I'm not exxagerating. Of course since these were the super size, they were 14.8 in diameter, while the regular sereis are only 14.0 in diameter. A lot of people called me an alien and gave me funny looks when I wore these. I didnt care, I liked the creepy/cute look they portrayed.

Colour/Design: 5.5/10 - I'm gonna give these circle lenses a little about average score. I expected them to be a more pastel purple - lavender. But no, they were violet alright. A little more on the blue side. They showed up wonderfully outdoors, and in bright lighting, but indoors, forget it! They jsut look like black holes.

Comfort: 10/10 - These didn't dry out liek my smaller Geo's Did. They actually felt moist for 8 hours plus! I think the bigger the lenses, the more comfertable. I would sometimes find my self looking in the mirror to see if I still had them on. x]

Overall: These were an okay pair. Not my favorite. I feel that my eyes were way to small for these. I wouldnt consider buying these again, but they felt hella good and enlarged to no end.

viernes, 21 de junio de 2013

Circle lens Review *Geo Angel Green*

Hoy vengo a contaros mi nueva adquisición! Unas lentillas de colores, sí, así como unas pestañas postizas de infarto, con unas lentillas también podemos cambiar por completo nuestra mirada.
Después de ver a muchas chicas por youtube con este tipo de lentillas de me entraron muchas ganas de probarlas (la verdad que se portó muy muy bien porque tenía muchas dudas respecto a la graduación y la compra =D Becks!!! un besote!!! ).

Circe Lens es un tipo de lentilla que usan sobretodo las asiáticas, un ejemplo que seguro habéis visto es Michelle Phan, hay Circle Lens en muchos modelos y colores (hasta rosa!), y muchas páginas donde comprarlas.

Porque me salía más económico, elegí el modelo Geo Angel Green y me costaron $35 con gastos de envío incluidos. Las lentillas duran hasta un año, nada mal si mis lentillas normales me cuestan $45 y duran solo 6 meses.

Aunque sean graduadas cuestan lo mismo que sin graduar y hay para miopía, astigmatismo, hipermetropía.... Vienen en dos tarros de cristal y te regalan el portalentes de plástico (además ahora están de sorteo, y si te haces fan en facebook te van anunciando las ofertas, por ejemplo ahora tienen los gastos de envío gratis).

Pero porqué son tan famosas estas lentillas? No habéis visto los ojazos que hacen? es porque los agrandan además de darles color, aunque se nota el círculo marrón de mis ojos, muchas chicas se lo compran en su color de ojos porque lo que quieren es agrandarlo, dándole un aspecto de personaje animado.

Son muy cómodas y blandas, llevo probando lentillas desde los 13 años y también había usado de colores compradas en ópticas, así que tengo bastante experiencia. Por eso si estáis interesadas os animo a que las probéis porque no tienen gato encerrado XD son un capricho aso sí, y tampoco es que las vaya a usar a diario pero depende del humor que tenga me las pongo algún fin de semana para variar. Estoy pensando ya en pedir unas en gris *_*

¿Qué os parecen? Creéis que es demasiado friki? jajajaja

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New review on Geo Angel Blue

    The Look
    The GEO Angel Circle Lens series offers maximum definition for your eyes, for a bold, beautiful look.
    Can you say royalty? Flaunt these luscious royal blues the next time you see your prince charming.

    Lens Information
    Diameter : 14.2mm
    Strength: Plano 0.00
    Base curve : 8.6mm
    Center thickness : 0.04mm
    Water content : 38%
    Lasts up to 1 year after opening.

When they first arrived, one of the lenses was really uncomfortable so I let Walter from GeoContactLensPeru know and she promptly sent me a new pair. Lovely service! They are really helpful and very communicative. The new pair was perfect. Contact lenses should never feel painful or too uncomfortable. If your lens is really uncomfortable, you may have a defective lens, have it in backwards or need to wash it in lens solution.

See more at:

Geo Angel Blue Circle Lens Review

It`s time for the next circle lens review! this time it`s GEO Angel Blue! Please click on all photos to see bigger size and comment and let me know what you think about those lenses and the review!
Those I also ordered from GeoContactLensPeru and I got those two cute animal lens containers and free shipping too. (They had a free shipping promotion). Their service was correct and it was great shopping with them!

Product Specification
Usage Modality:  One Year Disposable
BC:  8.6 mm
DIA:  14.0 mm
Water content:  38%
Package include:  Free contact lens case

Geo Angel Blue Review

Hi guys!

Walter from GeoContactLensPeru has contacted me to review circle lenses for her. She has kindly let me choose two pairs of circle lenses, and today I'll be review one pair (⌒_⌒;).

Let me first mention that Walter's circle lens store is located in Perú so shipping was quick! If you live in Perú, she also does Face Trade so you can meet up in person to get your order. Her site carries all the "first generation" of circle lenses. Most come in prescription and all of them are very natural lenses if you don't like the crazy, huge ones.

I receive his package pretty quickly, and I LOVE the packaging. It's simple and matches her site perfectly!

This is everything in the little container. All of her circle lenses come with a free contact case! I love sites that gives you the contact case with your order of lenses. It saves the trouble of having to go out and buy one.

DESIGN: ★★★☆☆
I'm usually not fond of circle lenses with a black limbal ring, but I don't mind these. I think it works for the size of these circle lenses so it doesn't give me a bug-eyed feel. The design is pretty normal, but I like it. Simple designs are the best and it appears really natural in person.

COLOR: ★★★★☆
I REALLY like the color. It's like a dark navy or dark sapphire blue in my eyes. I like how subtle it is and how well it blends in with my brown eyes in natural lighting. I've always thought that deep blue eyes were beautiful. The color is not vibrant, if that's what you're looking for. It's really subtle and might make people have a double take to realize that your eyes are a different color.

These give me a very natural enlargement for my eyes. If you have bigger eyes than me then, these probably just look like normal contacts to you. These are the same size as my GEO Fresh Browns. I personally think 14.2mm are the perfect size for my eyes.

COMFORT: ★★★★★
These are really comfortable. I can wear these all day! I just accidentally nap with these lenses on and my eyes feel fine. I don't recommend doing that too often because it can cause problems for your eyes.

OVERALL: ★★★★★
I actually REALLY like these lenses! I give perfect score because it does not make me look bug-eyed, I can wear it all day without it irritating my eyes, and I love the color. These are the main 3 criterion that I look for in circle lenses, and these lenses have them all! I'm glad I tried this series again. Honestly, I didn't like the grey ones I had too much because it looked too dark on my eyes and my brother called me an alien -.-, but I think I might try it later on to see if I still feel the same way. Another plus is that I can wear very natural makeup and it will still look fine.

My Contact Lens are Blue

Here’s an interesting product being used to promote the ‘anime look’ via contact lenses. The lenses make your iris appear larger than usual, and depending on the brand can be dual color, tri color, rimmed in black to enhance the iris color and more.

Not to be outdone, Geo Angel is getting in on some of the action here via

For that anime look, here’s product information for the Geo lenses:

    Geo lenses are from Korea known to create beautiful stunning color eyes and make your eyes appear bigger due to the black ring design. This new concept lens is free from heterogeneous discoloration after wearing, so it continuously give comfort and you can naturally express your new image.
If interested, jump to Dueba’s product pages, this one is for their tri-color lenses.

I read through a lot of details from several manufacturers and retailers, I have to say that this is interesting in more ways than one. For instance, an interesting side effect from earlier colored lenses like this was the dye on the lens would bleed off onto the eyeball. Talk about giving the wrong impression with your eyes! The new brands however are coated with a protective layer on both sides of the lens capturing the colored gel in between.