domingo, 23 de junio de 2013

GEO Super Angel brown and Nudy Purple/Violet review

Lately, I have been addicted with Geo contact lenses and I own 3 total so far. The first one is too old so I already throw it away but I still have 2 new ones, the Geo super Nudy Violet/Purple and Geo Angel brown. I have 2 Geo world series coming in few weeks and will also make reviews for that, I got the green and gray one.


Anyway, I will start a review with Geo Super Nudy Violet/Purple as shown on top. I got them from for about $35. They are very comfortable and big. The color is very nice too, although, it looks like blue-ish most of the time but you can still see the purple on it. The only down side on the color is that it doesn't really show in natural light or in person unless your outside in the sun. When taking pictures though, you can really see it and it does have a halo effect which I really like. It is 14.8 mm in dia. and it does make your eyes bigger and anime like. I really love these lenses and usually use them when I am going in a party or going out with friends. Over all I love these lenses and will might get all the series for Geo super Nudy.

Next are the Geo Angel in brown from too for also about $35 dollars. These I really like. I use them for school and whenever I feel it complements my eye. These lenses are also very big for a 14.8 dia. and the it has a very nice design that makes it look natural, except when there is a flash in the camera because it will really show the design for it. They are also very comfortable but only wear them for 6-8 hours because I get irritated if I wear them longer. Over all, these lenses are very good for daily use, I might not get any more series for Geo Angel because they are pretty dark with my very dark brown eye, I might get a lighter one next time, but these are still great.

Hope these help guys. If you have any question or suggestion please leave me a comment and I will hit you back as soon as possible.

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