domingo, 23 de junio de 2013

Geo Super Angel Violet (XCM-211) Review

Purchased from: Geo Contact Lens Peru

These costed 35 dollars, and 5 dollar shipping, and I didnt get them until two weeks later because the site is stationed in Malaysia. These were my 2nd pair, so I was kind of ignorant that Americans sold circle lenses too! On to the review~

Promo Pic:

Enlargement: 100 /10 - My god. These lenses were huge, and I'm not exxagerating. Of course since these were the super size, they were 14.8 in diameter, while the regular sereis are only 14.0 in diameter. A lot of people called me an alien and gave me funny looks when I wore these. I didnt care, I liked the creepy/cute look they portrayed.

Colour/Design: 5.5/10 - I'm gonna give these circle lenses a little about average score. I expected them to be a more pastel purple - lavender. But no, they were violet alright. A little more on the blue side. They showed up wonderfully outdoors, and in bright lighting, but indoors, forget it! They jsut look like black holes.

Comfort: 10/10 - These didn't dry out liek my smaller Geo's Did. They actually felt moist for 8 hours plus! I think the bigger the lenses, the more comfertable. I would sometimes find my self looking in the mirror to see if I still had them on. x]

Overall: These were an okay pair. Not my favorite. I feel that my eyes were way to small for these. I wouldnt consider buying these again, but they felt hella good and enlarged to no end.

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