viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[Missha] SuperAqua Anti-trouble

Every once in awhile you find the holy grail of all products and I think I’ve finally found mine! Haha Of course each person is different, but this is definitely one I’d recommend.

For awhile I was looking for a dark spot corrector and I actually came across this— which is not a dark spot corrector, but an acne spot corrector (amazon has a way with searches…). The way this product works is when you are getting a bad acne spot, you use this serum over it and it immediately stops the irritation and lessens, if not get rid of the problem.

The perks is it works wonderfully, however I have noticed it does not work on acne caused by food. Odd. The only downside to it is the pump is a little weird. As you can see by the picture above, it is a press and generally I will put a small dot on my finger to use on my face, but because the pump amount is WAY too much, you often waste a lot the first few times till you get the hang of it . Ah well.

Conclusion… freakishly amazing product that I am now afraid to run out of. Oh! and just so you know (because I was completely thrown off) the serum itself is actually clear. You expect it to be green like the bottle so you start thinking you got a fake product at first. Haha!

What acne products do you use?

[The Face Shop] New Zealand Volcanic Clay Blackhead Pack

Sometimes you just get lucky with online orders when your seller ships you the wrong product and lets you keep it. That was the case for this little one, though what was funny was it was actually on my wishlist.

The Face Shop is amazing. I actually have the double glow cream of this same line (and am freakishly addicted to it), so I expected a very similar response to this product.


This particular pack is a peel off pack. This is the first one I’ve ever tried and I have discovered they hurt quite a bit taking off. Ouch! Both products from this line are very thick and hilariously smell like Elmer’s glue. They look and feel like it too, so it is very fun to play with. Haha!

Even though I had such a great experience with the cream, that was not the case for this one. There was no difference before and after for me within several uses and the pain of peeling off the mask was simply not worth it. It, however, did a semi-good job at removing excess sebum and dead skin cells, which cause blackheads, but my blackheads always remained the same size and darkness after using this product. Ah well! They can’t all be golden.

[The Face Shop] White Tree Snow Serum

The Face Shop is one of those brands that is very gentle on your skin, but they have so many lines it is almost impossible to try them all. White Tree Snow was definitely one I noticed off the bat and ever since I saw it, I have been dying to try.

Unlike western culture, eastern believes the whiter and brighter your skin is, the more beautiful you are— much like long hair symbolizes wealth. Because of this, there are countless eastern whitening lines out there to make your skin as soft and white like snow.


I was so excited to finally have this product and started using it once a day at night. Many korean brand products will see results extremely fast —even after one use sometimes— but since it is a whitening product, is it better if it has slower effect. It was about a week before I started to notice effects and after two, my uneven tan between my neck and face from walking outside to get to work in college was completely gone. It has also intensely brightened my skin, making it very shiny, without the oil appearance. Even the texture has improved, though I cannot tell if that is from this product or maybe some others, I just noticed it during this trial Haha

So! Bottom line, absolutely love this product. If you’re interested in whitening products, really do your research on them before buying. Always be sure it’s a trusted major brand that is approved by the KFDA(or some FDA), as some less known brands, especially in China and Taiwan, will contain bleach or harsh chemicals. Needless to say thats not something you want on your skin!

[Laneige] Yogurt Peeling Gel

When you hear ‘peeling gel’ the first thing most people are thinking of is a product that’s going to make the skin peel off their face. Haha But don’t worry! A peeling gel actually is a gentle exfoliate that simply removes dead skin cells & impurities.

I’m a Laneige junkie, so I automatically chose to use their brand, but Skin79 and plenty of other good brands have their own versions too.

Here’s the product description:
A mild, hypo-allergenic peeling gel formulated with natural Konjac (Mannan) beads & Recoverine from Chestnuts extracts that helps gently exfoliate dead skin cells & impurities. It contains Sogurty™, a specialized fermented yogurt for anti-inflammatory & soothing effects and is Infused with a multi-berry complex to supply abundant nutrition & antioxidants for calmer, sleeker & healthier skin

To use:
Gently massage into face using circular movements with fingertips. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use 1-2 times a week.

I use this on Wednesdays and Saturdays and it leaves my skin feeling very clean. I love it and to give an extra burst of cool, I actually keep it in the fridge.

I would recommend this to anyone who needs a good exfoliate, and especially those who don’t like sugar scrubs.

[Missha] Super Aqua Cleanser

I feel like I get so many Missha Cleanser samples that I am sick to death of them! Haha I’ve given them away so many times and they just keep coming. I wouldn’t say Missha’s cleanser is bad at all, I’ve just grown very attached to my Laneige cleanser.

Missha is sort of like the Loreal of Korea. They do skincare, makeup, brushes, etc. but it’s all pretty good quality. In fact one of my favorite products, Super Aqua Snail Cream, is by Missha.

The cleanser is wonderful. Sorry I didn’t have time to take a picture of the product itself, but it’s very moistful, extremely foamy, and gets a lot of impurities out of your skin. One thing though, it is not tough on makeup— not that it is supposed to be, since it’s a foaming cleanser. I’ve heard a lot of people complain that it didn’t take their makeup off, but really you should use a special oil cleanser for that.

I would rate this product really well, especially if you’re on a pretty tight budget. I don’t remember exactly how much it went for but I’m almost positive it was under $15.00USD and that will last you awhile.

[Influenster] College Voxbox 2012

I love influenster & if you haven’t signed up for it—you must! It’s a great way to get free things and try out new products. This month, they shipped out boxes with college girls in mind!

Broadway Nails imPRESS press-on-manicure: I’ve seen these in the store, but because of the packaging I never actually bought it Haha After trying them, I was actually impressed (no pun intended…). Unlike other brands, these have a sticker paper on the inside that you peel off and press on to your nail. The sticky tape stays on your nail very well and when you take them off, it doesn’t ruin your nails like glue-on ones will. The pattern wasn’t for me, but I could see myself buying these in the future.

Necco Tropical Wafers: BLEH! These were horrible not only in taste, but also in ingredients. They are solid sugar wafers with artificial fruit flavors. It wasn’t like a sweetheart or a spree either, but very much like a strong flavored tums.

Sheets Energy Strips: At first I was very weary of this product. I never drink energy drinks or those mini shots, because they are horrible for you and make your heart race, but after awhile I sucked it up and tried half of one. The taste is much like a Listerine fresh breath strip if you have every had one of those. It also didn’t make me jittery or cause my heart race, but it did give me a lot of motivation that lasted for a few hours; all of which was spent cleaning! Haha

NYC Show Time Glitter Eyeliner: Eyeliner pencils must not be my thing, because I have yet to find a good one—and this definitely wasn’t one. The pencil is very dull and didn’t give a good solid line (I’m guessing because of the glitter). It also started to run within the first five minutes of wearing it. Not a good buy :(

Pentel Pens: This pen was so cool :D I did the little doodle on the card with it to test it out and loved it. The lines are super sharp and very solid, but since it’s a gel pen my doodle smeared right after I did it because the paper was high-gloss. @.@ shoot!

Overall, I’d give the box a B+! Some very nice products in it with only one I didn’t like. Really looking forward to next months.

[Giveaway] Korean Samples Galore

At Last! I am finally very excited to announce I will be holding my first give away. So many people have not had the opportunity to try amazing Korean products out there, so what better way than to have a giant sample giveaway!


The above pictures shows only the Korean brands included in the giveaway, but there are also a few american favorites added as a bonus!

Be sure to enter to win 35 awesome samples(two not included below)! See the list below for more details on which ones are offered. :) Best of luck to all & click here to enter!

1) The Face Shop: Real Nature Mask Pomegranate
2) The Face Shop: FACE it Primer UV Veil
3) Skin 79: Super BB Cream Orange Label
4) Skin 79: Super BB Cream Pink Label
5) Skin Food: Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Peeling Gel
6) Skin Food: Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner
7) Skin Food: Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Emulsion
8) Skin Food: Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Serum
9) Skin Food: Watery Berry Blending Cream
10) Skin Food: Egg White Pore Foam
11) ElishaCoy: Always Nuddy BB 24
12) ElishaCoy: Tripple BB Cream
13) Lioele: C.A.D. Oxygen Pore Cream
14) Klairs: Restoring Time Serum
15) Klairs: Restoring Time Cream
16) Klairs: Rich Moist Soothing Serum
17) Klairs: Rich Moist Soothing Cream
18) Klairs: Illuminating Supple Serum
19) Klairs: Illuminating Supple Cream
20) Klairs: Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPA40 PA++
21) Beauty Diary: Pearl Powder Mask
22) Innisfree: Green Tea Seed Serum
23) Laneige: Water Sleeping Pack
24) Missha/MISA: Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam
25) Missha/MISA: Golden Snowflake Essence
26) MJcare: Adlay Essence Mask
27) Napoleon Perdis: Pre-foundation Skin Primer
28) Napoleon Perdis: Skin Renewal Serum
29) Napoleon Perdis: China Doll Foundation
30) Napoleon Perdis: Sheer Genius Liquid Foundation
31) Napoleon Perdis: Pore Minimizer and Mattifier
32) Origins: VitaZing SPF 15
33) Origins: Plantscription

[ShadowLook] Sunrise

While I was temporarily job-less and on the hunt, I had a lot of free time to create some different creations for fun. I’m definitely not a genius when it comes to makeup, but I know a little bit about shadows.


This little creation was so hard to photograph and even this didn’t capture how much it shimmered. Each step is in order from left to right so you can easily follow along if you want to try!

1) Setting Powder / Eyeshadow primer: This step is extremely important. because there are so many colors used in this, without a base, they will all smear together.

2) Madison Street Beauty—Tiffany Blue: Start by applying a light blue color on the inside corner of the eye. Remember to touch the shadow nearly on the nose with this color to create a lot of highlight.

3) Madison Street Beauty— Seafoam: Apply seafoam lightly, blending from the corner of the eye to the direct center of the lid. Make sure you do not go too far else there wont be enough room for the highlights.

4) Madison Street Beauty — Highlighter: A highlighter has no color, but is simply a shimmer effect. MSB’s highlighter is amazing. Apply a very small amount to the center of the lid, just above the lashes. Be sure not to get the highlighter in the crease.

5) We are actually going to skip the gold in this step and apply the blusher first. Take any nice blush you have, in this case MAC’s Margin Blush, and apply a light amount on the outside corer of the eye. You want to arc the color upward, well above the usual placement for shadow.

6) Now back! Sally Girl Baked Shadows — Gold: Any gold for this will do. You do not need a baked shadow. carefully place the gold over the highlighter and blend into the blush.

Have you ever invented a ShadowLook? Will you be trying this?

[Ciracle] Red Spot Cream

I follow a couple video blogs on youtube and one of my favorite is yellowycream who blogs for Wishtrend. In one of her videos, she shared how much she loves the brand Ciracle, so I decided to look more into it. Ciracle is a high-end Korean cosmetic care brand that would probably be equivalent to maybe…. Estee Lauder in the western world, but is much more effective. One thing I’ve always struggled with is acne on the outside of my face around my hairline, so I decided to try this product of theirs.

When I first received the product in the mail, I was really surprised at how small it was, but after I saw how little you needed at a time, I didn’t mind it so much. The cream is fairly thick and acts a bit as a primer, so it is wonderful for mornings. It also has a bit of a green tint to it so that it reduces redness immediately; LOVED that feature.

The design is pretty boring, but other than that I had no immediate complains. It quickly reduced all acne I had, however I do not have extreme acne like some people, so I’m unable to tell if it has a major effect or not.

After using it for a few days, I have to warn you, it dried out my skin horribly. I already have dry skin and since this product is made for oily skin, it dried it out even worse. If you have dry skin, you may want to stay away from this one, but if you have oily skin it will probably be ideal for you.

[Update] Vacation/Hiatus

I’m back! Well sort of…. Haha No one has probably even noticed though because my blog auto updates, but I’m super excited to share a few things I did on vacation with all of you! ^o^

I’m super happy to announce I have won my very first giveaway! I’ve never won anything before, so it was such a surprise. Jess from The Lily White English Rose was holding her first giveaway for her 150 subscriber mark where she gave away a giant box with some very awesome western products. Most of them I have never even tried before, so it was super exciting to.

I haven’t even had the chance to open several of them because I have been so busy but so far, I am in love with the elf products & the face wipes. ^o^ I’m getting ready to have my own giveaway soon here too. I’ve already decided it is going to be a giant eastern sample giveaway!

The second thing I am very excited to announce is that I won two awards at the AIGA INshow this year. AIGA is a professional design association and yearly they hold an INshow to choose the best pieces in the state. It is extremely difficult to get in. I have entered pieces in before and not won anything, so I was very happy and excited to have won two awards.

If you’d like the see the projects you can find them here & here.

And lastly, the best part of all! While on the last few days of vacation, I went to Newark, NJ to see the BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour. If you have never heard of BigBang, you must try their music. They are a South Korean group consisting of five incredibly talented members. They not only write their own music within every genre, but also dance, perform, act, produce, and so much more.

I really wanted to make sure I could get good pictures before I went, so right before the trip I went and bought a Cannon Power Shot SX500. This camera is great for concerts because it has low light & manual settings. So glad I did! The videos & images came out amazing even with us being so far away.

I also grabbed some video of the concert including the intro, fantastic baby, Crayon, Knock Out, & Seungri’s solo bit. I was sad that fantastic baby video was ruined :( this lady who didn’t even have a ticket (so i’m not sure how she got in???) decided to randomly sit in our isle, then 30 seconds later she gets to to leave… then came back again. AH really?! lol Anyway! if you haven’t seen any of bigbang’s music, check out fantastic baby on youtube.

I am out for now! Moving in two days to Columbia, so probably wont be around for a little bit again, but will be back! :) Look for the giveaway soon!

Mask Sample Collection

As i said before, Apoly sends a lot of samples when you order, which definitely keeps her customers happy and always coming back. With this last order, she sent a ton of masks and I was so excited to try them all.

Innisfree Cucumber Sheet Mask:

First of all, the packaging was amazing. The material is so incredibly soft I decided to keep it! I loved the mask. It was very refreshing, but didn’t lift my skin too much like others do. It was a little too pricy to repurchase, but I did love it.

Skin Food Aloe Mask Sheet:

I was extremely intimidated to try this since my skin does not like aloe. I tried it anyway and while my skin didn’t itch at all the entire time when I took it off it was really red. ick! :( I have to say though I liked Skin Food’s fabric more than others. It was a lot thicker and felt more high end.

Fragrance of Morning Green Tea:

This one was pretty confusing. Apoly sent it, however it’s not in her store to buy. It was also intimidating to try because Chinese products kind of freak me out for some reason. The smell wasn’t very nice at all to be honest, and I don’t think it was the green tea, but after I took it off I was amazed. It not only lifted my skin but reduced redness and a breakout I had from the night before. I would love to buy this again if I could only find it.

Skin Food Goldkiwi Hydrating Mask:

I was really excited to try this one because the packaging is so adorable. It’s not required to be a morning mask, so I actually used it during the middle of the day. You would expect to get one use out of this little thing, however I actually had 4 uses out of just one. I kept it in the fridge just to be safe, but honestly the cooler version was nicer anyway. When I first put this mask on, my face actually gets very hot and a little red. It made me nervous at first but then it went away and my skin was incredibly smooth and glowie. OooooOoooo!

[Lioele] Pore Bright Gel Foundation

I’ve never been one to use makeup. It actually irritates my skin a lot, but I received a sample with one of my orders and what the heck— it’s free.

I’ve heard of lioele before and honestly, I have not heard a single good comment about it. The packaging isn’t appealing at all, so that’s a little bit of a flag, but I decided to try it anyway. Bad idea. It had really bad coverage, really bad moisture, and really bad everything as a matter of fact. Even with a primer on, the foundation cakes into your pores, making them super noticeable and irritated them immediately. I had to use my Neutrogena Micro-scrub to get it off. Ick! Save your money & do not buy!

[Klairs] Sample Pack

When I ordered from Wishtrend for the first time they included a big sample package from klairs including the majority of the products they make. This was a really great idea to introduce people to their lines.

It includes the three lines they offer: Illuminating, soothing, and time restore, as well as an eye and bb cream. Unfortunately they accidentally gave me two samples of the illuminating serum instead of an eye cream, so I didn’t get to try it, but that’s okay.

Illuminating: This was pretty nice. The serum did make my skin a little brighter and the cream was a good consistency, not too watery, not too thick.

Soothing: I didn’t too much care for this one. It felt very regular compared to the other lines, though it might be for people who have troubled skin, which I don’t have much of.

Time Restore: This line was amazing and by far my favorite out of all of them. The serum was thick, but it definitely worked, making your skin brighter and healthier looking. The cream, on the other hand, was very very thick, which some people may dislike strongly, though It would be a good night cream.

BB Cream: The Klair’s bb cream was surprisingly nice compared to others I have tried. It was the perfect color and thickness. It evened out my skin very nicely, even though it was a little cakey. It did give me some acne, but not much.

It’s easy to tell Klair’s doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or dyes that would cause reactions or break outs because the products were so gentle. I can’t say I’ve been won over completely, but I definitely loved their time restore line. Hope to order some soon.

[Etude House] Proof 10 Primer

There’s a lot of fun eyeshadow tutorials out there with very wild and colorful palettes. I’m not one for a lot of color, but I do occasionally, when I have free time, like to play around. When you want to mix and blend a lot of colors, you realize quickly they smear together at the crease. This is where eye primer comes in handy!

Etude House makes an eye primer called proof 10. It only comes in beige, which blends in really well, so no worrying about matching your skin tone.


    Apply skincare, bb creams, and sunscreens as you normally would for your day.
    make four dots with your eye primer. along the lid of your eye. You can add an extra dot below if you plan to use eyeshadow there as well.
    Pat with your finger until the primer is smooth then begin layering eyeshadow.
    Finish off with liner and mascara.

It’s really simple and the primer makes your layers last for hours. You will need a good cleanser to get it off though!

[Skin 79] Sweet Honey Sugar

Skin 79 is mostly famous for their BB creams, but some might not know they have a ton of other products that are just as amazing. Everyone has their favorite products and this is definitely one of mine.

First of all, The packaging is beautiful. The box has a faux brushed nickel finish that is very shimmery to catch your eye. There’s also an emboss on the top, but it’s a little hard to tell from the image. The scrub comes with a mini spatula too(bottom-right), which is great, because you never want to put your hands in containers.

I use this scrub once or twice a week. It not only works amazing, but also smells wonderful too. You can even eat it according to my friend Haha If you’ve never used a scrub before or haven’t in awhile, your face becomes incredible soft and smooth. It also tightens your pores and reduces the amount of black heads you have. For only $10.00USD it’s definitely a good buy and lasts for months.

[Crest] 3D White Whitening Strips Level 4

I don’t normally post so much, but I absolutely have to share this one with you. Not too long ago I signed up for influenster, where you review products and can receive free ones for doing so. I love free stuff. Actually— I think everyone loves free stuff.

So after filling out a survey, I was chosen to receive a free box from Crest. I was insanely excited, but had no idea what I was getting. So last week I received my box and out came Crests’s 3D White Whitening Strips Level 4.

Level 4 is a 20 day plan where you use one package of strips for 30 min a day. I have already tried professional whitening kits before, but never anything like this, so I wasn’t sure what kind of results I would get. The strips were very easy to apply and surprisingly they stayed in place as well. If anything, they were a little hard to get off.

After 30 minutes, there was a noticeable difference in the whitening of my teeth, however the main problem is the strips simply can’t get in between your teeth. Another big flaw to them is unlike trays, the trips are very short and don’t whiten the back teeth, which is noticeable when you smile big. —All of this I could tell from just one use.

Now for the big major flaw. After five minutes I started to feel discomfort and it only got worse throughout the day. By night, I felt as though my teeth and gums were sitting in ice it was so painful. The reason for this, I realized shortly after applying, is that the strips have hydrogen peroxide in them.

Hydrogen peroxide is in many whitening products because it is stronger and has better/faster results, however it causes serious pain to those with sensitivity. Even if you do not have sensitivity (which I didn’t before I used it for the first time earlier this year), you can easily develop sensitivity, which becomes a serious pain. It hurts to drink any beverage with ice or eat anything too hot. Plus, you have to spend more money to buy products to reduce the sensitivity like special toothpastes or Orajel. There are many whitening products without hydrogen peroxide, however I can’t seem to remember the name of the ingredient at the moment, but I believe it’s another type of peroxide.

I would strongly recommend staying away from this product unless you have a high pain tolerance.

[Revlon] Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

So not too long ago lovely Nuala wrote a review comparing Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain with Clinique’s Chubby Stick. After reading this, I really wanted to try one so while I was in the store the other day I picked up Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain.

I already have several lip colors at home except for nudes, so when I saw #35 Charm, I was excited to try it. I must say the texture is very smooth, however I was a bit disappointed in the color. :( I’m not very experienced with lip products, so i’m still realizing lighter colors are very sheer. The product only slightly tinted my lips and held much more of a pink than I was expecting. It did give a very wonderful shine that was brilliant and lasted a good while though. One thing I did notice was with reapplying throughout the day, my lips slowly tinted closer to the peach color.

I’m very happy this product is not similar to Chapstick. It does not dry out your lips over time or become addictive. This is something I would really recommend for people who love lip balms, but want to add a little more color and shine to their lips. Love it! :)

[Laneige] Skin Veil Base: Green

Seeing peach or skin tone products are normal, but when you come across something that is green or purple, you’re more than likely going to stop to see what the heck it is.

Laneige makes skin veil bases, which are primers for your skin before applying makeup. A primer creates a barrier between your skin and makeup, but it also will even out skin tone, help your makeup stay on longer and absorb oil on occasion. Laneige makes three colors:

Light Peach: Revive natural appearance.
Light Purple: Add brightness.
Light Green: Reduce redness.

As i said before, I have a lot of red in my skin, so I decided to try the green one. It’s really nice and definitely evens out your skin. I never wear makeup due to my sensitivity to pigments, so honestly if I do use this, it’s on special occasions. The primer made my face ghostly white, which I don’t personally mind, but to avoid scaring people, I added bb cream over it. Haha The only problem I ran into was that it really irritated my skin and caused me to have a lot of acne the next day. :(

I did find out through from this last halloween if I applied Etude House’s porever primer before the laneige primer, my skin does not get irritated. Very interesting O.o There must be some pigment in it that bothers my skin, Hm….

I love the packaging though. It seems like the majority of products in korea are encased in a clear plastic, which creates this really cool natural drop shadow effect with the text printed on the bottle, as you can see in the picture at the top left. Again, I love the color splash too; wasn’t expecting pink a bit.

Would you ever try a green or purple primer?

[Urban Decay] Naked 1 Palette

Due to sensitive skin, eyeshadow is about the only makeup I can wear. However, it’s always fun to play around with and enhances the most important feature of your face :) Awhile ago I reviewed the Sephora Pantone Palette. While I loved it at first, after spending more time with the palette, I returned it and bought what I originally set out to get, the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

When I apply eyeshadow, I use a light color in the inside corner in a fan shape to brighten my eyes, then I add a darker color on the outside to elongate my lashes. This palette works perfectly because it provides many duel-color groupings to use and also plenty of highlighter colors to add a brightening effect to your eyes.

So far, I really love it, but it too me so long to choose between this palette and Naked #2. They’re all both beautiful, but after thinking a little longer, this one seemed to work better with my skintone. :)

It also comes with a sample of Urban Decay’s primer, but I will do a review on that some other time! Rating this definitely a 5/5. Very good buy and will save you a lot of money over buying individual shadows.

[Neutrogena Naturals] Pore Scrub

Neutrogena, I would say, is the best brand in America for skincare that is readily available to the public. They have very good products, especially for teenagers, but their best line yet is their Naturals line— solely based on nature with no harsh additives.

Normally I don’t review American products because they are so readily available and inexpensive(and not pretty Haha), but this one is something I actually use a lot. It’s a purifying scrub that has micro-beads in it to get impurities, especially makeup, off your skin. Whenever I use bb cream, or foundation on the extreme rare cases, I use this to wash it off. It’s not like a normal scrub that dissolves quickly and contains oil, but instead is more like a foaming cleanser with mini beads. I wouldn’t say it has any effect on the softness of my skin, but it definitely prevents acne flairs by taking makeup off.

The scrub is very inexpensive. I would definitely recommend it for anyone with any skin type.

[Origins] VitaZing & Plantscription

Free trials are wonderful ways to introduce you to new products, especially when they give you ample amount. I had never heard of Origins before this, but based on the brand’s design, it felt very trust worthy and I was willing to give it a try. The tag lines definitely gave me a good laugh too.

VitaZing SPF 15: When I first tried this, I honestly did not like it, but after awhile it sort of grew on me. If you are into all natural products, you would probably really love this, but since I’m not very picky, I feel as though I could get better results from other products. The bonus to this, is it is multiple products in one: moisturizer, sunscreen, primer. The texture is similar to a regular sunscreen, only slightly lighter in consistency. It is white with neutral colored specks in it, which gives it a primer effect. There are so many ingredients in this product, I really couldn’t tell you what it is that causes the discoloration.

Well, I wont personally be purchasing this product, as I said before, if you are interested in all natural products, this is the best I have come across so far :)

Plantscription was very interesting. There was enough in the sample to try it for a couple week actually which was super nice! It was very thick and moisturizing, however I can’t say it helped with anything like wrinkles or dark circles(because I don’t really have them..). The main benefit was hydration though.

Excellent natural product though. Would highly recommend it if you were interested in all natural lines.

[Revlon] ColorBurst Lip Butter

Not too long ago I reviewed Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm. When I was out and purchased this, I also decided to try their ColorBurst Lip Butter in a similar color as well.

I’m really torn between the two. While I know Revlon isn’t as high of a quality as MAC or some other brands, for the price, it’s wonderful. The color is a little more apparent than the lip balm, but the only thing I really don’t care for is it gets a bit caky on your lips sometimes. I think most inexpensive brands do this, but not 100% sure? Ah well.

The formula is very nourishing though. It feels lovely on your lips, but I wish it lasted a little longer. You have to reapply quite often and since I’m not one for makeup maintenance this doesn’t tend to happen.

As I said before, I’m not very experienced with lip products. Have you ever tried this brand? What is your favorite lip product?

[Skin Food] Fresh Apple Smooth Pore Cream

Skin Food yet again! We’ll I’ve already reviewed part of this line and said that I was pretty satisfied. Just by chance apoly sent me the cream to go along with.

The package is super smooth, like normal Haha I love how they add shiny metallic bubbles to it though. It definitely grabs my attention.

As far as the cream goes, it’s pretty light. They didn’t give you a whole lot in the sample, so there was only enough to try it once. :( Boo! At first it was a little tacky, but quickly it turned super smooth, almost as if powder was on my face. It really reminded me of the volcanic clay cream a lot, but more powdery. After a couple hours, the powder effect  wears away and your skin feels a little dry, which I didn’t really care for. It might be a really great one for people with oily skin.

[MAC] Margin Blush

So many people were posting about mac last month and I got a tad jealous Haha For so long I’ve been looking for a natural eyeshadow, sort of a muted coral/salmon color. I saw one once called cherry blossom (though it wasn’t a bit pink…) and fell in love with the color.

While at mac, I tried a number of different shadows and blushes and finally came across the color called Margin. While it isn’t EXACTLY what I wanted, it was pretty close and has such a nice fire to it. The texture is perfectly smooth and applies wonderful—as expected with a MAC. What’s nice about blushes and shadows, is you can use them for many different things: eyeshadows, blushes, lip color, nail polish etc.

The SAs at MAC were hilarious and pretty helpful. One of the guys was singing and dancing, while my SA and I just watched and laughed. She was also nice enough to show me about some of their Christmas goodies they had on pre-order already. Ah I would have loved to buy one of the brush kits, but I couldn’t afford it at the time T.T

Anyway, if you haven’t tried a blush or eyeshadow by MAC, absolutely do.

[The Face Shop] Volcanic Clay Double Glow Cream

I’ve been really wanting to try this line for so long, so when apoly sent me a sample, I was super excited.

The Volcanic Clay line has awesome design. All of their products have interesting typography in them. I was sad to see that the sample didn’t have any, but that’s alright!

As far as the consistency goes, it was insanely thick. I was actually really surprised when I first applied and sort of immediately dislike it because of that. However, after a quick fifteen seconds, the cream absorbed into my skin and became super smooth. It was awesome, I loved it!

This line comes in everything from powder cleansers to blackhead removers and more. Most of them are pretty average in price, so they’re not too too expensive. The cream itself though goes for $10.00USD on gmarket; $20 on amazon. I’m sure when I run out of my Skin Food cream, I will definitely consider this!

[Sephora] Travel Brush Set

Eyeshadow brushes are very important to those who love to add a little color. When I was first starting to play around, I found this mini travel set of brushes at Sephora and decided to give them a try.

You’ll find most brushes can be very expensive ranging from $10.00—$40.00USD a piece. Since this little travel set was only $6.00USD, I thought it would be a great buy.

To be honest, it was probably one of the worst buys I’ve had in the last few months. :/ The brushes are so coarse that they honestly hurt a bit to apply. Yes, they work, which I guess is good for travel, but I would still rather bring along my higher quality ones just for a bit more comfort.

I’d recommend this product as a gift to kids or teenagers or if you’re just looking for your first set of brushes to try playing around with eyeshadow. If you’re already a semi-pro, you’ll want to skip these :/

[Etude House] Goodbye Pore Ever

Don’t laugh, I bought this because of the design having no idea what it did. It wasn’t expensive, so what the heck.

BEAUTIFUL packaging. Korean packaging does not normally look like this, as you can see from my photo stream on the side. This is really heavily americanized, but even still, it looks plain awesome. The diecut is what got my attention. Etude House found a way to make an interesting diecut that wouldn’t become crushed or ruined during shipping. Boxes stack together, fitting over the diecut perfectly so they are not affected. Genius! The color scheme is another thing that grabbed my attention too. It’s so vintage, the type included, and really pops off the shelf. [/Design nerd] Ha!

So apparently this product is another primer. I’ve already reviewed a couple of them such as Laneige and The Face Shop and I wasn’t happy with either of those, so I was really hoping this would be different. Amazingly, it is! Goodbye PoreEver is more of a coating for your visible pores to shield them from impurities and makeup. It does coat very thickly, almost as if you were to put petroleum jelly on your nose, but not so tacky and shiny. After I applied, I tried a bit of bb cream over it and it makes your pores nearly invisible. It was really interesting and at the same time it didn’t cause any break outs all day long.

Now, I’m not sure you’d want to put something like this all over your face, but you would probably do better just on your nose and your larger pores. So far, my favorite primer yet :)!

[The Face Shop] FaceIt! Primer

I love free stuff, especially samples, so when I received a bunch of them with an order, I was really excited. One of them, however, was a primer. Ever since I tried the Laneige primer I bought, I’ve been a little nervous about trying others.

I actually first saw FACEit when I was first looking for a primer. The design of the logo and box really caught my eye, but since I had used several laneige products that didn’t irritate my skin, I chose to go with Laneige at that time.

The texture was more like a moisturizer than anything. It surprised me how it didn’t irritate my skin at all, but at the same time, I’m not exactly sure what it did. Primer normally evens out your skin tone, but this really didn’t do anything for me. I would guess its main purpose is to act as a shield against foundation, which I don’t use, so I have no way of proving that. Oh well :)

For anyone who’s interested in trying a primer for the first time, this might be a good one for you, especially if you have sensitive skin. You can find it on amazon for around $10.00USD.

[Skin Food] Green!

Skin Food’s theory is basically whatever is healthy to eat is healthy for your skin! Recently I ordered some E serum and received two samples, so I thought I would review them all at once.

Vitamin E Serum:

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which moisturizes skin, reduces fine lines and wrinles, and also protects and repairs at the same time. That’s probably why everything with vitamin E is so expensive lol I’ve used the serum for two weeks now and sadly I have seen no difference. I have heard Vitamine E takes a very long time to notice these differences though, so none the less, I will continue to use it! It is a bit tacky just as a bit of a warning.

Fresh Apple Toner & Agave Cactus Toner

I would say Skin Food’s toners are definitely distinct from other brands. I am not sure how to explain the smell I get from them, but I’ve considered maybe they have a high alcohol level or so. That being said, I’m not sure it’s that because it just doesn’t sting enough be alcohol. Anyway, I would say that I enjoyed the Fresh Apple one. It’s very refreshing, especially for mornings, however I was not a fan of the Agave Cactus. I felt like it increased the redness in my skin, though this could just be me. My face doesn’t like cactus plants, especially aloe. Makes me sad :( It’s such a good moisturizer.

Fresh Apple Emulsion & Agave Cactus Emulsion

Some people aren’t quite sure what emulsion is. Don’t worry- neither do I. Ha! From what I believe, it is a moisturizer applied directly after toner, which traps in moisture for 12 hours. Though I could be completely wrong about this, that is what I have read in pamphlets. The Fresh apple emulsion is clear, and honestly felt just like serum so I wasn’t too satisfied with it. One that that was nice was it wasn’t so tacky. The Agave Cactus one wasn’t very special either compared to ones I have tried, but I was happy it at least held in moisture.

So! Did any of these products interest you?

[The Face Shop & MjCare] Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are not very popular in the US, so it isn’t too surprising when people are like “what on earth is that?!”. A sheet mask is basically like a mini morning spa time to me. They come in various essences that target different things you may want in your skin and just take thirty minutes in the morning. You can practically go back to sleep while you wait! lol

I admit, I went a little overboard with this order. The Face Shop masks are pretty expensive and cost around $18.00 USD for ten masks, while the MJ care is only $5.00. I had to try both. The design for The Face Shop’s masks is so pretty, while the design for MJ care will honestly turn you away.

The Face Shop: pomegranate, olive, cucumber, Aloe, raspberry, rice, mung beans, red ginseng, pumpkin, & lemon

MJ Care  Assortment 3: Collagen, Green Tea, Brightening, Potato, Rice, Chlorella, Chestnut, Acerola, Adalay, & Mung Bean.

So Far I’ve only been able to try a few of them and I must say the MJ Care ones work perfectly fine compared to the more expensive brands. There’s a noticeable difference every time, especially if your skin is a bit tired. A nice tip if you ever go to try one of these is place the packaging in the refrigerator during the summer to give a refreshing cool to them or if it’s winter, place it in warm, but not boiling water before just before use.

Have you ever tried a mask before?

[Food] Pineapple Yumm!

For my birthday, in August, my friend Alicia bought me a pineapple corer as a bit of an inside joke, because I taught her how to hand cut a pineapple. I never had the chance to use it, but when she came over the other night, we decided to make a run to the grocery store and get one!

I forgot to take pictures to share till after we already cut into it, so we did an extra little chunk for show Haha. It was so cool and super easy to get the pineapple out without a bit of the outside skin or the core. Yummy deliciousness!

[Skin Food] Berry Christmas

I often get sidetracked blog hopping, just looking for something new. Today I came across some advertisements and CFs for Skin Food’s new holiday line ‘Water Berry’.

I’m already excited. Even though my skin doesn’t like Skin Food products too much I still can’t help myself. >W< I mean look at the beautiful packaging! lol I will definitely be trying this out before the holidays are up. Oh and if you’re wondering, that’s Lee Min Jung from boys over flowers & smile you in the ad campaign. :)

[Laneige] Firming Sleeping Pack

I’ve posted a few times about Laneige products in the past; all of them wonderful of course. So, I decided to see what else they had and snooped around for a bit. I found something called a firming sleeping pack, which judging by other products, just means you put it on before you go to bed and when you wake up, it will have dramatic results, and oh does it!

Apart from the beautiful metallic jar and color-shocked packaging, I would definitely say this product is great when your skin is tired and needs some help. After leaving it on over night, your skin is lifted and just looks so much healthier. Again, I wish I had taken a picture of the consistency, because it’s a little funny looking like white jello; and yes it jiggles too. Haha

[Tips] 4 ways to keep your skin clear

Awhile ago I’ve learned some pretty neat and interesting ways to keep your skin clear. After trying all of them I honestly can say they work. While you might not notice a different immediately, after a month at the most, you will definitely see a clear difference.

1) Never use a towel! So you’ve probably heard this before that it’s bad for you, but no one can deny using a towel on your face feels nice. While it might feel nice, it’s actually wiping away a natural oil your skin produces that is responsible for that ‘morning glow’ you get. Instead of towel drying, pat your skin with clean hands. It will only take a minute or two to dry and keep the oils on your skin.

2) Avoid touching your face. Surprisingly I actually learned this one from Daesung of BigBang during an interview tv show. He explained that actors have to keep very clear skin because of the camera, so even in shots that they might seem as if they have their hand against their face, it’s actually not, but right above it. If you absolutely have to, try to remember to use the back of your hand as well, which will be cleaner than the palm.

3) Sleep on your back. This one can be a little difficult for some people. I am a side sleeper hands down and there’s very little I can do. If you can help it, try not to let your face touch your pillow and this will help a tremendous amount. The reason this helps is because oils from your hair among other things will get on your pillow and irritate your skin.

4) Use a pore brush. This one in particular actually eliminated probably 95% of the acne I had, completely shocking me because manufacturers who make them don’t come out saying ‘they help with acne’. Pore brushes can get pretty expensive, so I wont say it’s 100% necessary and will absolutely work for you, but if you have the ability to try it out, I definitely would. I currently have a Tosowoong brush that I love, so check out the review if you are interested in this.

Do you think you’ll be trying any of these tips?


I took a trip this weekend to visit my mom. She wanted to go to the mall, so while we were out, I made a point to get some cherry colored eyeshadow. On my way to MAC, this store called Sephora caught the corner of my eye.

It is a beauty store, just like the ones in Korea, only with american products. I was shocked when I first walked in. They had complete skincare lines, serums, toners, eyeshadows, anything you could think of—most of which I didn’t even know Americans even knew about Haha The serum wall was surprising. I was sad to not see Missha and others, but there were familiar names like Clinique and Dior. I refuse to use either of those, so it didn’t matter much. lol

The other side of the store is makeup, which is organized by seller. Sephora had their own line and it was more than anyone else. The entire left wall was dedicated to them(picture above) of everything you could POSSIBLY want makeup wise. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the price.

My mom dragged me out of the store too quickly to buy anything, but I will be going back without her soon! ;D

[Tosowoong] Pore Brush

While I was browsing around the other day I came across this Tosowoong Pore Brush. It looked so fluffy and being a complete sucker for fluffy things I had to buy it to try. But oh am I glad I did!

Before, I washed with my hands, which was difficult to get into pores well. I tried the Neutrogena wave and that really didn’t work so well at all. It was pretty harsh on my skin, but after I tried this, I loved it. Not only that, it also cleared my face of acne just about completely. Don’t let the pictures fool you though, the brush is actually pretty small. For a size comparison, a new ipod nano would probably fit exactly on top of the fibers— so it’s not very large at all, but it does a good job!

[Rohto Hadalabo] Hyaluronic Acid Moist Lotion

Alright. It’s getting cold. BURR!!! lol I see all of these blogs now doing posts on how to keep your skin from drying out and now that winter’s coming, I definitely have a great product to add to the list.
I mentioned in my last post that I am very very uncomfortable when it comes to products I cannot read— this is by far the worst. I can’t understand Japanese and I fully admit that! lol If it weren’t for online English descriptions, I never would have bought this. It’s a very good thing I was not sent foot cream or something because I would not know the difference. Haha
So here’s the description:
Moist facial lotion for dry skin contains super Hyaluronic acid to make your skin moisturized for a long time. Weak acidic. For sensitive skin. Fragrance free, Colorant free, oil free, and Alcohol free. Hyaluronic Acid is known to hold 6L of liquid in only 1 gram of Hyaluronic Acid.
So to give you a background on what hyaluronic acid is, it is a natural acid in your skin that is at 100% as an infant and decreases as we get older. It is responsible for holding in moisture in our skin and also decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
The product is so light it looks like water, but is only slightly heavier. It has a bit of an oily feeling (even though there’s no oil in it), so I use a cotton round to apply. Once it dries, it leaves your skin extremely moistfull and hydrated, which is WONDERFUL. :)
At $18.00USD for 170ml you get a lot for your money. It also lasts a very long time, so I would say it is very worth the price :) I’d give this a 5/5 rating for sure.

[Missha/MISA] Golden Snowflake Essence

Sometimes when you order stuff you get samples you have no idea what it is or says. I can read Korean phonetically and understand some of it, but when you give me something in Chinese, forget it.

This pretty little sample came in awhile ago and I was so frustrated because the brand name was in chinese and the entire back was in korean. While I can at least understand some of that, after reading and trying to translate online, nothing came back. >_> of course! Eventually I understood a few words and what able to figure it out from there. It’s called Misa Golden Snowflake Essence.

Directions: At the first step of basic skin care, apply an appropriate amount and spread over the face from inside towards outside. Warm up the skin with hands and pat lightly until fully absorbed.

Ingredients: Ginseng Water, Wild Ginseng Extract 5%, Deer Antlers, Reishi Mushroom, Pure Gold 5,000㎍/100ml Contains Spiceberry Extract (Ardisia Crenata), patent ingredient for anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation Colorants-free, Paraben-free, Triclosan-free, Mineral oil-free, GMO-free

The fact that it has deer antlers in it freaks me out. Those poor dear lol I’m a little skeptical on the whole gold flakes thing, but that might be why it’s so insanely expensive. 100ml of this stuff it $60USD on amazon O_o No thank you!

To be honest, even though this product is expensive, I really didn’t care for it. I can see how it appeals to an older generation because of the fragrance, but it just really didn’t to much for me. It held in moisture well, but there was something about it that was bothering me— I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

No need to take my advice on this one! You should try it for yourself. Try requesting a sample from vendors on amazon. You may have to order something before they send it to you though!

[Caolion] Pore Minimizing Pack

You know the people in those western movies where you can see every microscopic pore on their face blown up to make them look all rugged and manly? I feel like that’s me sometimes Haha

A lot of americans especially are becoming obsessed with their pore sizes and they’re paying $150.00+ USD just to have these insane facials and masks done in spas. Seems a little more that outrageous if you ask me, but I actually have found a pretty affordable product that I would say gets the job done.

Coalion is another company who believes eatable cosmetics never irritate your skin. It is Pigment-free, fragrance-free and alcohol-free with the main ingredient of chitosan. Chitosan has functions of absorption and excretion of wastes, as well as antiinflammatory and antibacterial effects. Ok, enough of the science stuff.

The packaging definitely needs help. Oh I would love to redo it! It almost made me not even try the product, but after reading a lot about it, I had to. It’s a clay mask that gets so cold I felt like my face was literally in an ice cube haha After washing your face, you want to leave it a little bit wet to easily spread. Take maybe a teaspoon amount and start by smoothing on your forehead, then chin, cheeks, and nose. The reason you don’t want to apply the normal way is because the cold can sting your eyes a bit. Leave on for 10—25 minutes and you will notice it dry to your face, much like a regular clay mask. After washing off you’ll see your pores tightened immediately.<3 A really wonderful immediate product for a special occasion!

[Amore Pacific] Ryoe Hambitmo Herbal Shampoo&Conditioner

For awhile now I have been wanting to try a Korean brand shampoo&conditioner—I mean I try everything else, why not? lol So a little over a week ago someone I follow posted up about this shampoo and I immediately jumped at the name. To whoever you were (because I can’t seem to remember which person it was) — dear god, I love it.

I came home to find the order on my door step at 3AM and was so excited I had to take a shower immediately to try it. Haha The shampoo and conditioner intensely smells like ginseng, which I am crazy for. If you’re not sure what ginseng smells like, it’s very similar to ginger you’ll get on your plate of sushi, but a bit spicier. My hair was glued to my nose like a mustache for the next day and a half. lol

The shampoo and conditioner is very natrual. I can immediately tell it does not have harsh chemicals or fillers in it by the way my hair feels. Cheeper products in the western world especially Pantine Pro V contain bees wax, which coats your hair. It makes your hair feel very very soft and wonderful, though it’s actually suffocating the hair itself and not allowing nutrients to get into the hair. If you ever switch from Pantine to say a natural shampoo, your hair will feel extremely dry and that is because it has taken away the bees wax, revealing your natural hair.

My hair is typically thick, dry, and frizzy(even though I have straight hair). Over the last week, this product has put so much more moisture back into my hair and I have noticed it is frizzing so much less and my split ends are healing well.

I would repurchase this product any day and definitely recommend it for everyone. It is on the expensive side, about $30.00USD/500ml, but for the results, it’s very worth it!

[Blog Swap] My Current Top BB Creams

Hi! So Jae and myself have decided to do a little Blog Swap! Yay! This is my first ever blog swap, so bear with me! I’m going to be posting on my Six Current Favourite BB Creams. I’m a HUGE fan of BB Creams and I will not leave the house without some on (unless I’m just popping to the supermarket or something!). Not only do they help cover imperfections on the skin, they also help regenerate/brighten/reduce wrinkles, depending on which particular one you buy.
I a big fan of Korean cosmetics, so these BB Creams that I will be showing you are all Korean Brands.
I’m always buying and trying new BB Creams, so as of this moment, these are the ones that I like the best:

From Left to Right:

    Dr Jart Gold Label Premium BB Cream – This is my absolute fave out of them all, it contains Bio-peptide, EGF, Collagen and White Gold. This BB Cream is great for anti-aging and for skin regeneration. This has an SPF 45/ PA +++ so you know your skin is protected when you are outside. At £42($67.00USD), this is the most expensive BB Cream I’ve ever purchased but it’s worth every penny.
    The Skin-Shop Premium Secret BB Cream –  If you have oily skin and tend to break out as well, this one will be perfect. It contains Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturise the skin but it also contains a Porous Powder to absorb any excess sebum. This BB Cream helps to whiten and improve wrinkles. It also has an SPF 37/ PA+++. It is hard to purchase online tho, I bought mine directly from the company for around £25($40.00USD).
    Dr Jart Black Label BB Cream – Yep, another Dr Jart one, for BB Creams I seem to prefer ones made by Dr Jart, but I’m slowly branching out to using other brands. This one is good for acne scarred skin, since it contains Arbutin, which helps to reduce the appearance of scars. It also contains Caviar and anti-oxidants to protect the skin from the environment. This one is not as oily as the Gold Label one, so is better suited for oily skin. It contains an SPF 25/Pa++. I bought this ages ago and I think this one is my third tube? I can’t remember how much I bought it for but I think it retails now for about £18($29.00USD)?
    Tony Moly Intense Care Snail BB Cream - I can’t not make a post without mentioning Snail Filtrate products! This one contains 45% of Snail Secretion Filtrate and this BB Cream helps regenerate skin cells, promotes healing, anti-oxidant, anti-ageing and helps moisturise the skin. It comes with an SPF 45/ PA+++. If you are scared about trying products with Snail Filtrate in, then start off with a BB Cream, I promise you can’t even tell you are putting Snail Slime on your face! This one retails for around £14($22.00USD), so it’s quite cheap.
    Etude House Magic BB Cream Refresh – This one is great for combination skin and if you want light coverage. This contains Aloe Vera and Camomilla Extract, these two ingredients help to soothe and calm the skin, so again, great for acne prone skin. This one is the cheapest of them all, retailing for around £6($10.00USD). I don’t actually think this contains an SPF, so make sure you wear some other form of sun protection whilst wearing this..
    Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream - And the last one is by Mizon, this one retails for around £10($16.00USD) and has an SPF 32/PA++. The Snail Secretion Filtrate concentration is also 45%, this BB Cream also contains Papaya Extract to help whiten the skin, so again, it’s good for acne scarred skin. If you sometimes have dry skin, I would avoid this because it does cling onto dry skin patches!

Let me just show you what each of the BB Creams look like out of the tube:

The thinnest one is Dr Jart Gold Label, but you can build up layers of this to acheive the coverage that you want and it doesn’t look cakey at all.

So, there you have it, my Current Top Six BB Creams. My list changes all the time since I’m forever trying new ones. BB Creams are a must have in my make up bag and I can’t rave on about them enough!

I hope you guys liked this post, make sure you check out Jae’s post on my blog as well!

[Update] New Name & Ways To Follow

For awhile I have been watching a blog name that fit what I was blogging about, so I am happy to say, I have finally settled on a name and just finished updating everything.

Aleume. (ah-lu-mei) was created based on the Korean word for beautiful: aleumdaoon (아름다운). Aleumdaoon was not only a bit too long, making it difficult to remember, but also was a little too difficult to pronounce for people. By taking the the stem of the word, aleum, and adding an e creating ‘me’ at the end, it creates a soft, beautiful, and memorable name meaning ‘beautiful me’. The word also has a similar sounding to illuminate, which I thought was interesting because we always want our skin to be brighter.

While updating everything, I also looked in to joining several blog sites to help people who want to follow. You can find the links to Twitter, bloglovin’, Hellocotton, and my RSS feed to the right. I must mention I did attempt to get a google friend connect (GFC) account, because I see them on nearly every blog, but after attempting, I have discovered that GFC was retired back in March of this year. It kinda makes me sad, because I would love to join in on something several of my friends have, but it seems as though Bloglovin’ is starting to get a lot of attention. Maybe it will switch over to that soon.

[Skinmiso] Pore Pack

A lot of people struggle with blackheads and I would say I’m one of them. Skinmiso’s pore pack really targets the sebaceous gland, which is a gland that creates waxy oils for hair follicles. The sebaceous gland is good for you, but when it gets clogged or over filled it causes blackheads.

Skinmiso’s pore pack is a four step process to removing the blackheads. The directions are a little difficult to understand because they don’t contain any english, but below you can get the just of it.

Step One: Place white nose pack on and leave for ten minutes.
Step Two: Once removed, use the comedo(blackhead) remover gently against your skin to draw out the excess sebum.
Step Three: Place blue nose pack on and leave for ten minutes.
Step Four: Once removed, pat to dry then apply a small amount of silk essence.

Skinmiso definitely helps with black heads and it is nice they give you so many packs. So far i’ve only needed one a week and it keeps sebum away for a good while!

What troubles do you have with your skin?

[Sephora&PANTONE] Eyeshadow Palette

For the longest time I was dying to have an eyeshadow palette. Finally when I saved enough for one (because they get pretty pricy), I headed to Sephora! I was going to get UrbanDecay’s Naked palette, but once the SA showed me the PANTONE eyeshadow palette, the color grabbed me immediately.

First off, for those of you who do not know, PANTONE is a standardized color matching system (PMS) used by designers. Ever notice when you print something out of your inkjet printer at home and your blue is one color, then you print something at kinkos and it’s a completely different color? PANTONE avoids this problem by creating thousands of solid ink colors that are super vibrant and SO PRETTY!

When the SA showed me this I nearly screamed with excitement. Each hue was so vibrant, yet soft—perfect for eyeshadows. There are also different finishes, such as matte and satin.

The design of the palette alone is amazing. The acrylic is cut to resemble a macbook and as you can see, the top has a crystal clear mirror to use while you’re applying. A protector sheet is also included with every PMS number of the color printed on to it.

So, even though I love the look of it, I have to give my honest opinion on the eyeshadow— I hated them. I love how the palette as a whole looks, but after I got home, I didn’t know what to do. No one really uses gradients of color in eyeshadows, because it doesn’t create a pop and you can already layer with one color if you want that effect,— which makes this palette very unpractical. The colors apply very unevenly and are so sheer that they fall out too quickly. I ended up returning it in the end to buy the Urban Decay Naked palette. :( Ah well. They can’t all be golden.

[Etude House] Moistfull Aloe

This was the first product from Etude House I have ever tried. It was a sample Apoly sent me with one of my orders.
The packaging is so calming and smooth (I’m assuming to reiterate that it makes you skin smooth)! lol I really loved the consistency most out of the product probably. It was exactly what it said—moistfull.  The first time I used it, it actually made me break out, so I blamed it on the aloe, because my skin doesn’t like aloe for some reason. However, after using it a few more times, I didn’t have the problem I think maybe it was a reaction to combining it with a different product or something? Not sure. I love it though—plan to order some day! It’s really wonderful for an afternoon boost too.

[Skin Food] Avocado Toner

I love samples. I think the majority of my posts are about them. lol As I said before, Skin Food’s all about ingredients you can eat, so it just makes sense they have an avocado line.

The box is pretty different with the diecut and extra little…paperie thing that goes off the side (we need a designer word for that!). I would say I liked this toner compared to other Skin Food ones. Most Skin Food toners to me feel a bit low-grade, but this doesn’t have that feeling too much. If you were on a budget, I was say it’s a great one to buy! It’s about $14.00USD on amazon and you can feel it has a lot of nutrition to it when you put it on. It’s good for both morning and night.

I’ve had this tiny bottle of toner for probably two months now and still haven’t run out even using it a few times a week. I’m too in love with my Laneige toner to use it more Haha Still an excellent buy!
What brands are you most loyal to when it comes to skincare?

Laneige: Water Bank Eye Gel

Portfolio is definitely causing some dark circles under my eyes. At first I was only up till 1 or 2 in the morning to start out with, but now that it’s the final stretch, it’s more like 3 or 4. Laneige works really well with my skin, so to fix this problem, I decided to try out their water bank eye gel.

Most of the time I order from Apoly, though this time I decided to try a new seller called Seoulglamour. They had an excellent rating, so what the heck! My order got here in the normal two weeks and was well protected — loved. The main thing I wasn’t happy about was when I opened the cap, the product leaked outside of the seal a bit. Had I not known what Laneige smelled and felt like, I would have sent it back with suspicion it was fake, but because I do, I decided to keep it.

Portfolio is definitely causing some dark circles under my eyes. At first I was only up till 1 or 2 in the morning to start out with, but now that it’s the final stretch, it’s more like 3 or 4. Laneige works really well with my skin, so to fix this problem, I decided to try out their water bank eye gel.

Most of the time I order from Apoly, though this time I decided to try a new seller called Seoulglamour. They had an excellent rating, so what the heck! My order got here in the normal two weeks and was well protected — loved. The main thing I wasn’t happy about was when I opened the cap, the product leaked outside of the seal a bit. Had I not known what Laneige smelled and felt like, I would have sent it back with suspicion it was fake, but because I do, I decided to keep it.

[Skin&Lab] Vitamin Source

I’ve been trying to find something that would fix the redness of my skin for awhile. I asked a few people I knew for recommendations, but no one really had a suggestion. I came across Skin&Lab the other day and decided to give it a try. Skin&lab produces five different vitamin creams that help you with areas you want to target.

Vitamin A: Lifting. It penetrates deeply into the skin to promote biosynthesis of the skin cell DNA. The biotechnical complex purifies the epidermis and soothes the skin to prevent wrinkles and aging. It also restores rough skin damaged by UV light to keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

Vitamin B: Trouble Care. It removes the main cause of skin trouble by repressing proliferation of bacteria and increasing resistance from harmful external stimulus, and helps treatment. This unique combination is safe for moisturizing troubled skin.

Vitamin C: Brighten. It helps you achieve bright and gorgeous skin tone by inhibiting melanin production.
 Vitamin E: Anti-Aging. It prevents skin damages and makes your skin moist and smooth by protecting cell membrane. In addition, it protects your skin from UV rays and gives energy to your skin and body to maintain healthy via strong antioxidant activity.

Vitamin K: Red -X. It removes redness by binding the capillaries and veins in the skin tissue. In addition, it delivers nutrients directly to the under eyes and make them radiant and bright, alleviating appearance of dark circles.

After only two uses I could tell it was working. While my cheeks are still a little pink, it’s completely taken all of the red out and still continues to work every time I apply. The box and tube is metallic, so it was a little difficult to photograph (sorry for the blurriness lol), but it has a beautiful clean design to it. If you’re interested in trying any of them, wishtrend sells them for around $15.00 USD a piece. They’re well worth a try!

[Innisfree] Eco Safety Aqua Sun Gel

Sunscreen’s really important, not only during summer, but every day. UVA&UVB rays from the sun definitely can cause a lot of damage. All of us have been sunburned before and it’s not fun. The sun can age, dry out, and even cause spotting on your skin so there are hundreds of products out there to protect you.

Using thick sunscreens on your face can easily make you break out so I looked around specifically for one that wasn’t tacky or oily. I came across Innisfree Eco Safety Aqua Sun Gel and gave it a try.

Innisfree is perfect for me! I wish I had a picture to show the consistency, but it’s extremely light and thin. Don’t take the word gel so literally though. I was expecting something clear, but it’s actually a transparent white. The nice thing about this product is it doesn’t cause any break outs because it is so light and moistful. I would definitely recommend it for everyday use and even under makeup.