viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[Amore Pacific] Ryoe Hambitmo Herbal Shampoo&Conditioner

For awhile now I have been wanting to try a Korean brand shampoo&conditioner—I mean I try everything else, why not? lol So a little over a week ago someone I follow posted up about this shampoo and I immediately jumped at the name. To whoever you were (because I can’t seem to remember which person it was) — dear god, I love it.

I came home to find the order on my door step at 3AM and was so excited I had to take a shower immediately to try it. Haha The shampoo and conditioner intensely smells like ginseng, which I am crazy for. If you’re not sure what ginseng smells like, it’s very similar to ginger you’ll get on your plate of sushi, but a bit spicier. My hair was glued to my nose like a mustache for the next day and a half. lol

The shampoo and conditioner is very natrual. I can immediately tell it does not have harsh chemicals or fillers in it by the way my hair feels. Cheeper products in the western world especially Pantine Pro V contain bees wax, which coats your hair. It makes your hair feel very very soft and wonderful, though it’s actually suffocating the hair itself and not allowing nutrients to get into the hair. If you ever switch from Pantine to say a natural shampoo, your hair will feel extremely dry and that is because it has taken away the bees wax, revealing your natural hair.

My hair is typically thick, dry, and frizzy(even though I have straight hair). Over the last week, this product has put so much more moisture back into my hair and I have noticed it is frizzing so much less and my split ends are healing well.

I would repurchase this product any day and definitely recommend it for everyone. It is on the expensive side, about $30.00USD/500ml, but for the results, it’s very worth it!

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