viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[Crest] 3D White Whitening Strips Level 4

I don’t normally post so much, but I absolutely have to share this one with you. Not too long ago I signed up for influenster, where you review products and can receive free ones for doing so. I love free stuff. Actually— I think everyone loves free stuff.

So after filling out a survey, I was chosen to receive a free box from Crest. I was insanely excited, but had no idea what I was getting. So last week I received my box and out came Crests’s 3D White Whitening Strips Level 4.

Level 4 is a 20 day plan where you use one package of strips for 30 min a day. I have already tried professional whitening kits before, but never anything like this, so I wasn’t sure what kind of results I would get. The strips were very easy to apply and surprisingly they stayed in place as well. If anything, they were a little hard to get off.

After 30 minutes, there was a noticeable difference in the whitening of my teeth, however the main problem is the strips simply can’t get in between your teeth. Another big flaw to them is unlike trays, the trips are very short and don’t whiten the back teeth, which is noticeable when you smile big. —All of this I could tell from just one use.

Now for the big major flaw. After five minutes I started to feel discomfort and it only got worse throughout the day. By night, I felt as though my teeth and gums were sitting in ice it was so painful. The reason for this, I realized shortly after applying, is that the strips have hydrogen peroxide in them.

Hydrogen peroxide is in many whitening products because it is stronger and has better/faster results, however it causes serious pain to those with sensitivity. Even if you do not have sensitivity (which I didn’t before I used it for the first time earlier this year), you can easily develop sensitivity, which becomes a serious pain. It hurts to drink any beverage with ice or eat anything too hot. Plus, you have to spend more money to buy products to reduce the sensitivity like special toothpastes or Orajel. There are many whitening products without hydrogen peroxide, however I can’t seem to remember the name of the ingredient at the moment, but I believe it’s another type of peroxide.

I would strongly recommend staying away from this product unless you have a high pain tolerance.

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