viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[Etude House] Proof 10 Primer

There’s a lot of fun eyeshadow tutorials out there with very wild and colorful palettes. I’m not one for a lot of color, but I do occasionally, when I have free time, like to play around. When you want to mix and blend a lot of colors, you realize quickly they smear together at the crease. This is where eye primer comes in handy!

Etude House makes an eye primer called proof 10. It only comes in beige, which blends in really well, so no worrying about matching your skin tone.


    Apply skincare, bb creams, and sunscreens as you normally would for your day.
    make four dots with your eye primer. along the lid of your eye. You can add an extra dot below if you plan to use eyeshadow there as well.
    Pat with your finger until the primer is smooth then begin layering eyeshadow.
    Finish off with liner and mascara.

It’s really simple and the primer makes your layers last for hours. You will need a good cleanser to get it off though!

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