viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[Influenster] College Voxbox 2012

I love influenster & if you haven’t signed up for it—you must! It’s a great way to get free things and try out new products. This month, they shipped out boxes with college girls in mind!

Broadway Nails imPRESS press-on-manicure: I’ve seen these in the store, but because of the packaging I never actually bought it Haha After trying them, I was actually impressed (no pun intended…). Unlike other brands, these have a sticker paper on the inside that you peel off and press on to your nail. The sticky tape stays on your nail very well and when you take them off, it doesn’t ruin your nails like glue-on ones will. The pattern wasn’t for me, but I could see myself buying these in the future.

Necco Tropical Wafers: BLEH! These were horrible not only in taste, but also in ingredients. They are solid sugar wafers with artificial fruit flavors. It wasn’t like a sweetheart or a spree either, but very much like a strong flavored tums.

Sheets Energy Strips: At first I was very weary of this product. I never drink energy drinks or those mini shots, because they are horrible for you and make your heart race, but after awhile I sucked it up and tried half of one. The taste is much like a Listerine fresh breath strip if you have every had one of those. It also didn’t make me jittery or cause my heart race, but it did give me a lot of motivation that lasted for a few hours; all of which was spent cleaning! Haha

NYC Show Time Glitter Eyeliner: Eyeliner pencils must not be my thing, because I have yet to find a good one—and this definitely wasn’t one. The pencil is very dull and didn’t give a good solid line (I’m guessing because of the glitter). It also started to run within the first five minutes of wearing it. Not a good buy :(

Pentel Pens: This pen was so cool :D I did the little doodle on the card with it to test it out and loved it. The lines are super sharp and very solid, but since it’s a gel pen my doodle smeared right after I did it because the paper was high-gloss. @.@ shoot!

Overall, I’d give the box a B+! Some very nice products in it with only one I didn’t like. Really looking forward to next months.

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