viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[Laneige] Basic Duo Set

Last Sunday I turned 21 finally, which was fun of course. My family, some friends, and I went out to dinner and then the younger crowd decided to stay up practically all night. We ended up going out to the pool around midnight and playing silent marco-polo. So many battle scars! Haha While my family gave me many different sweet gifts I wanted to blog about one of them. I’m a little too obsessive with skincare, I admit that. My father and his girlfriend were nice enough to give me a Laneige Duo Kit. I’ve wanted one for awhile and was so excited to open the package.

The box has a very pretty varnish in the shape of snowflakes on the front. I attempted to take a picture, but it’s still pretty difficult to see. The bottles are very pretty, but I wish the box had the same color shock as other Laneige products. I’ve already tried them all and they’re AWESOME. They are water based, which is nice to me. It isn’t so heavy on your skin and really helps with ance. They all have a pretty strong scent, which smells very clean and a bit like snow. I personally love it, however I can see how it’s a bit too much for some people who prefer fruit smells, such as my best friend. It comes with pretty clear instructions on how to use  them except for the smaller sample sized ones, but just incase someone’s looking for how to try them:

Water Bank Sleeping Pack: I’ve bought this product before. A-poly actually offers a $5 sample of it that’s well worth it if you just want to give it a try. A sleeping pack is basically a gel/cream you put on before you go to bed. You want to make sure to wash and treat your face as you normally would before using this. It’s wonderful for reviving tired skin, but also I have used it as a remedy for a sudden allergic break out and it does wonders over night. You should only use the product about once or twice a week and be sure to wash it off when you wake up in the morning.

Water Bank Moisture Cream: I’ll admit this is pretty new to me. It’s a very very thick cream that you would probably only want to use at night and it hydrates your skin incredibly. For people with dry skin, this would probably be ideal, however if you have oily skin, it will most likely make you break out.

Water Bank Essence: Products from Korea are often named pretty confusing titles; and since the instructions are in Korean, it makes it even worse. Essence is basically just a light moisturizer containing mineral water. It creates a barrier to keep your skin hydrated for 24 hours, while still letting it breathe. It also promotes skin cell turnover as well.

Some people might not find the instructions tips too helpful, but I remember trying to find someone to help me figure out how to use a product with no instructions in English. It was so nice when I found the answer I was looking for on a blog! Haha Anyway, would recommend the Duo Set to anyone with normal to dry skin. It’s awesome!

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