viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[Missha] SuperAqua Anti-trouble

Every once in awhile you find the holy grail of all products and I think I’ve finally found mine! Haha Of course each person is different, but this is definitely one I’d recommend.

For awhile I was looking for a dark spot corrector and I actually came across this— which is not a dark spot corrector, but an acne spot corrector (amazon has a way with searches…). The way this product works is when you are getting a bad acne spot, you use this serum over it and it immediately stops the irritation and lessens, if not get rid of the problem.

The perks is it works wonderfully, however I have noticed it does not work on acne caused by food. Odd. The only downside to it is the pump is a little weird. As you can see by the picture above, it is a press and generally I will put a small dot on my finger to use on my face, but because the pump amount is WAY too much, you often waste a lot the first few times till you get the hang of it . Ah well.

Conclusion… freakishly amazing product that I am now afraid to run out of. Oh! and just so you know (because I was completely thrown off) the serum itself is actually clear. You expect it to be green like the bottle so you start thinking you got a fake product at first. Haha!

What acne products do you use?

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