viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

New order from a-poly

I order a lot of Korean skin care products over amazon. Not only are they so much better than the US’s products, but the packaging is just AMAZING. A-poly, an amazon dealer, is such a sweet heart. She makes sure all of your packages ship in perfect condition & are well protected. I always find adorable little thank you notes, stickers, and samples of products I have yet to try.

This time I ordered a few products, one of which is Missha’s Snail Cream; Yes— Snails. While it might weird some people out in the US, I’ve learned from my friend Kay at Banini Beauty that snail cream actually helps regeneration of the skin, healing acne scarring. It also is an excellent moisturizer & brightens skin. So, of course, the product alone is not the only reason I buy something. As a designer, I am always a consumer for products from businesses who support my field.

 The other product I ordered is a Laneige, meaning snow in French, cleanser. Laneige products always shock me. I expect it to be good and it still continues to amaze me every time I use it. Laneige’s packaging is really cool though. It’s simple, modern, and has a surprise, just like the product itself. My absolute favorite part of the design is the color shock you get when you open the box.

 Last but not least, a-poly always includes awesome samples & notes that brighten my day. I must remember to use this for my own business!

So I have not had the opportunity to try these just yet, but I am very excited to! Anyway, check out a-poly & Banini if you want to see more products & packaging out there from korea. There are definitely some amazing ones!

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