viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[Origins] VitaZing & Plantscription

Free trials are wonderful ways to introduce you to new products, especially when they give you ample amount. I had never heard of Origins before this, but based on the brand’s design, it felt very trust worthy and I was willing to give it a try. The tag lines definitely gave me a good laugh too.

VitaZing SPF 15: When I first tried this, I honestly did not like it, but after awhile it sort of grew on me. If you are into all natural products, you would probably really love this, but since I’m not very picky, I feel as though I could get better results from other products. The bonus to this, is it is multiple products in one: moisturizer, sunscreen, primer. The texture is similar to a regular sunscreen, only slightly lighter in consistency. It is white with neutral colored specks in it, which gives it a primer effect. There are so many ingredients in this product, I really couldn’t tell you what it is that causes the discoloration.

Well, I wont personally be purchasing this product, as I said before, if you are interested in all natural products, this is the best I have come across so far :)

Plantscription was very interesting. There was enough in the sample to try it for a couple week actually which was super nice! It was very thick and moisturizing, however I can’t say it helped with anything like wrinkles or dark circles(because I don’t really have them..). The main benefit was hydration though.

Excellent natural product though. Would highly recommend it if you were interested in all natural lines.

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