viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[Skin Food] Avocado Toner

I love samples. I think the majority of my posts are about them. lol As I said before, Skin Food’s all about ingredients you can eat, so it just makes sense they have an avocado line.

The box is pretty different with the diecut and extra little…paperie thing that goes off the side (we need a designer word for that!). I would say I liked this toner compared to other Skin Food ones. Most Skin Food toners to me feel a bit low-grade, but this doesn’t have that feeling too much. If you were on a budget, I was say it’s a great one to buy! It’s about $14.00USD on amazon and you can feel it has a lot of nutrition to it when you put it on. It’s good for both morning and night.

I’ve had this tiny bottle of toner for probably two months now and still haven’t run out even using it a few times a week. I’m too in love with my Laneige toner to use it more Haha Still an excellent buy!
What brands are you most loyal to when it comes to skincare?

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