viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[Skin Food] Green!

Skin Food’s theory is basically whatever is healthy to eat is healthy for your skin! Recently I ordered some E serum and received two samples, so I thought I would review them all at once.

Vitamin E Serum:

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which moisturizes skin, reduces fine lines and wrinles, and also protects and repairs at the same time. That’s probably why everything with vitamin E is so expensive lol I’ve used the serum for two weeks now and sadly I have seen no difference. I have heard Vitamine E takes a very long time to notice these differences though, so none the less, I will continue to use it! It is a bit tacky just as a bit of a warning.

Fresh Apple Toner & Agave Cactus Toner

I would say Skin Food’s toners are definitely distinct from other brands. I am not sure how to explain the smell I get from them, but I’ve considered maybe they have a high alcohol level or so. That being said, I’m not sure it’s that because it just doesn’t sting enough be alcohol. Anyway, I would say that I enjoyed the Fresh Apple one. It’s very refreshing, especially for mornings, however I was not a fan of the Agave Cactus. I felt like it increased the redness in my skin, though this could just be me. My face doesn’t like cactus plants, especially aloe. Makes me sad :( It’s such a good moisturizer.

Fresh Apple Emulsion & Agave Cactus Emulsion

Some people aren’t quite sure what emulsion is. Don’t worry- neither do I. Ha! From what I believe, it is a moisturizer applied directly after toner, which traps in moisture for 12 hours. Though I could be completely wrong about this, that is what I have read in pamphlets. The Fresh apple emulsion is clear, and honestly felt just like serum so I wasn’t too satisfied with it. One that that was nice was it wasn’t so tacky. The Agave Cactus one wasn’t very special either compared to ones I have tried, but I was happy it at least held in moisture.

So! Did any of these products interest you?

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