viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[The Face Shop] FaceIt! Primer

I love free stuff, especially samples, so when I received a bunch of them with an order, I was really excited. One of them, however, was a primer. Ever since I tried the Laneige primer I bought, I’ve been a little nervous about trying others.

I actually first saw FACEit when I was first looking for a primer. The design of the logo and box really caught my eye, but since I had used several laneige products that didn’t irritate my skin, I chose to go with Laneige at that time.

The texture was more like a moisturizer than anything. It surprised me how it didn’t irritate my skin at all, but at the same time, I’m not exactly sure what it did. Primer normally evens out your skin tone, but this really didn’t do anything for me. I would guess its main purpose is to act as a shield against foundation, which I don’t use, so I have no way of proving that. Oh well :)

For anyone who’s interested in trying a primer for the first time, this might be a good one for you, especially if you have sensitive skin. You can find it on amazon for around $10.00USD.

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