viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[The Face Shop & MjCare] Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are not very popular in the US, so it isn’t too surprising when people are like “what on earth is that?!”. A sheet mask is basically like a mini morning spa time to me. They come in various essences that target different things you may want in your skin and just take thirty minutes in the morning. You can practically go back to sleep while you wait! lol

I admit, I went a little overboard with this order. The Face Shop masks are pretty expensive and cost around $18.00 USD for ten masks, while the MJ care is only $5.00. I had to try both. The design for The Face Shop’s masks is so pretty, while the design for MJ care will honestly turn you away.

The Face Shop: pomegranate, olive, cucumber, Aloe, raspberry, rice, mung beans, red ginseng, pumpkin, & lemon

MJ Care  Assortment 3: Collagen, Green Tea, Brightening, Potato, Rice, Chlorella, Chestnut, Acerola, Adalay, & Mung Bean.

So Far I’ve only been able to try a few of them and I must say the MJ Care ones work perfectly fine compared to the more expensive brands. There’s a noticeable difference every time, especially if your skin is a bit tired. A nice tip if you ever go to try one of these is place the packaging in the refrigerator during the summer to give a refreshing cool to them or if it’s winter, place it in warm, but not boiling water before just before use.

Have you ever tried a mask before?

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