viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[The Face Shop] New Zealand Volcanic Clay Blackhead Pack

Sometimes you just get lucky with online orders when your seller ships you the wrong product and lets you keep it. That was the case for this little one, though what was funny was it was actually on my wishlist.

The Face Shop is amazing. I actually have the double glow cream of this same line (and am freakishly addicted to it), so I expected a very similar response to this product.


This particular pack is a peel off pack. This is the first one I’ve ever tried and I have discovered they hurt quite a bit taking off. Ouch! Both products from this line are very thick and hilariously smell like Elmer’s glue. They look and feel like it too, so it is very fun to play with. Haha!

Even though I had such a great experience with the cream, that was not the case for this one. There was no difference before and after for me within several uses and the pain of peeling off the mask was simply not worth it. It, however, did a semi-good job at removing excess sebum and dead skin cells, which cause blackheads, but my blackheads always remained the same size and darkness after using this product. Ah well! They can’t all be golden.

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