viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[Tips] 4 ways to keep your skin clear

Awhile ago I’ve learned some pretty neat and interesting ways to keep your skin clear. After trying all of them I honestly can say they work. While you might not notice a different immediately, after a month at the most, you will definitely see a clear difference.

1) Never use a towel! So you’ve probably heard this before that it’s bad for you, but no one can deny using a towel on your face feels nice. While it might feel nice, it’s actually wiping away a natural oil your skin produces that is responsible for that ‘morning glow’ you get. Instead of towel drying, pat your skin with clean hands. It will only take a minute or two to dry and keep the oils on your skin.

2) Avoid touching your face. Surprisingly I actually learned this one from Daesung of BigBang during an interview tv show. He explained that actors have to keep very clear skin because of the camera, so even in shots that they might seem as if they have their hand against their face, it’s actually not, but right above it. If you absolutely have to, try to remember to use the back of your hand as well, which will be cleaner than the palm.

3) Sleep on your back. This one can be a little difficult for some people. I am a side sleeper hands down and there’s very little I can do. If you can help it, try not to let your face touch your pillow and this will help a tremendous amount. The reason this helps is because oils from your hair among other things will get on your pillow and irritate your skin.

4) Use a pore brush. This one in particular actually eliminated probably 95% of the acne I had, completely shocking me because manufacturers who make them don’t come out saying ‘they help with acne’. Pore brushes can get pretty expensive, so I wont say it’s 100% necessary and will absolutely work for you, but if you have the ability to try it out, I definitely would. I currently have a Tosowoong brush that I love, so check out the review if you are interested in this.

Do you think you’ll be trying any of these tips?

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