viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

[Urban Decay] Naked 1 Palette

Due to sensitive skin, eyeshadow is about the only makeup I can wear. However, it’s always fun to play around with and enhances the most important feature of your face :) Awhile ago I reviewed the Sephora Pantone Palette. While I loved it at first, after spending more time with the palette, I returned it and bought what I originally set out to get, the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

When I apply eyeshadow, I use a light color in the inside corner in a fan shape to brighten my eyes, then I add a darker color on the outside to elongate my lashes. This palette works perfectly because it provides many duel-color groupings to use and also plenty of highlighter colors to add a brightening effect to your eyes.

So far, I really love it, but it too me so long to choose between this palette and Naked #2. They’re all both beautiful, but after thinking a little longer, this one seemed to work better with my skintone. :)

It also comes with a sample of Urban Decay’s primer, but I will do a review on that some other time! Rating this definitely a 5/5. Very good buy and will save you a lot of money over buying individual shadows.

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